Casper Ward

A perceptive, intelligent ex-detective who's soul was trapped in a suit of experimental armour.


Casper’s metal body is large and tall but not overly bulky. His arms and legs hiss as he moves them, signalling the presence of pistons. He often wears a long, rugged brown cloak and a belt which is home to a small pistol holster. The armour which he wonders around in is of course completely hollow. His left boot is noticeably different to the rest of his body.

Casper has high physical attributes including constitution, size and strength but his appearence and dexterity are damaged by his metallic body. He’s skilled with pistols and even more so with words, being able to persuade people into doing things they wouldn’t neccessarily normally do.

He strives to uphold his honour and makes it his purpose to do the right thing, even if the right thing involves hurting some people very very badly.

Casper suffers from monophobia. After his time in the void, he now has a fear of being forced into solitude. He tries to keep company around him when he can unless they are a danger to his goals. He is not afraid of just being alone, he is more afraid of someone forcing him to be alone.


Casper Ward’s Bio
Born in the city of Lumen in 1768, Casper Ward had a fairly normal upbringing with no real substantial events worth mention. He studied law extensively and also excelled in subjects such as English. His fairly posh upbringing has made him a little bit arrogant and pedantic but his heart was always in the right place. He saw the world as tainted, watching the city of Lumen as it slowly decayed further and further into a place of crime and fear. Vigilante justice was frowned upon by most and so Casper sort to set up an agency in which he could express his lust of retribution in a pure and beaconed way.

After outcompeting every single other agency in the entire city of Lumen, Ward Agency was considered the best of the best in areas such as forensics and crime scene investigation. Casper, the head of the agency, quickly built up a name for himself. His acts were revered by most and loathed by his rivals. The Imperium themselves took a quick interest in Casper’s agency and set up a number of contractual agreements, thus making him a semi official member of their organisation. Money was rolling in nicely and business was good.

After a few years, Casper’s clean streak was brought to an abrupt end by a series of highly suspicious and strange murders. Through days of arduous investigation and interrogation, Casper discovered that it was his own colleagues that were committing the atrocities. Since his skills had driven every other agency down the gutter, Casper’s work friends had taken an opportunity to wreak havoc upon the vulnerable city without the risk of their actions identifying them. They had taken precautions to make sure Casper would not initially discover their barbaric personalities but underestimated his determination.

Unfortunately, Casper was later cornered and surrounded on the same day he had cracked this horrific case by his so-called “Friends”. After laughing in their face at their invites to join them, Casper uttered his last words “Darkness take you all…” as Durian, their leader, plunged a blade into his heart.

Casper’s soul was lost in the void only briefly. An individual, calling himself a member of “The Collectors” bound Casper’s soul to his left plated boot using an alchemic blood seal and brought him to a science museum. He fixed the boot onto an experimental, pneumatic suit of armour, giving him the power to animate it as he would his real body. The stranger left, saying one day Casper would have to return his debt. To this day, Casper wonders alone, half of him longing for contact and the other half shrouding him in secrecy.

Casper Ward

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