Scarlet (Rosaline - Rose Farlen)

A young and attractive woman with a dark hidden past. Scared physically and mentally from her childhood. She's very knowledgeable when it comes to science and is well trained in Alchemy and Blades. She appears to be tough, but is broken easily.


Scarlet is an Ex-criminal who grew up on the streets of the slums in Imperial City. Scarlet didn’t have much of a family, she only had a mother, father and an auntie. Her auntie lived in the middle part of the imperial city, but due to Scarlet’s parents reputation, wouldn’t have anything to do with them. As a young girl, she had to help provide for her family, she would distract members of the public while her parents stole from them. She knew no different. Her mother and father were both criminals and therefore on the run from the law.

After a while of living on the streets, running from the law and barely having enough money to feed themselves, Her father became a member of the thieves guild to give his family a better life. When he joined the guild, his family received living quarters and all of life’s essentials but he also had to sign a contract. This contract swore that scarlet and her family would abide by the guilds rules and that their lives belonged to the thieves guild. If they betray, speak about, mention or even leave the thieves guild, they would be guilty of treason and all of them would have to perish. The only way that Scarlet and her family could survive was to continue to rob and do the bidding of the thieves guild. Scarlet’s mother and father were often called upon to do the bidding of the guild, either together or seperatly.

Scarlet was too young to understand what was happening and to undertake any of the missions that the thieves guild would send her on, so instead she would spend her days with other members of the guild. The guild decided that a small child could be trained by the guild and used as a weapon when she was old enough, so the guild members kept her company and secretly trained her in alchemy and blades when her mother and father were on missions. Scarlet never told her parents about the training because she was still too young to understand that what she was learning was important or that it could be dangerous.

When Scarlet turned 21, the thieves guild decided that Scarlet was old enough to undertake a ‘mission’ by herself. Her father was reluctant to let her become a criminal like him and scarlet’s mother, so he refused to let her go out and do the guilds bidding. The guild needed Scarlet to begin to use her skills in the way that she was intended to use them, so they couldn’t have anyone stop her. The guild gave Scarlet’s father a chance to reconsider, but he was determined not to let her become what he was, so he perished at the guilds hands. Scarlet’s mother on the other hand, was more tactical and had a plan already to escape and get Scarlet to safety. Unfortunately, her husband had to perish for the plan to work so that the guild would believe that Scarlet’s mother didn’t dissaprove of Scarlet doing the guilds bidding and would allow her to accompany Scarlet. When the guild came forward with the mission for Scarlet, her mother also agreed to take part and help scarlet on her first mission. The guild agreed, falling for Scarlet’s mothers act, unaware that this was Scarlet’s mothers plan to help Scarlet escape.

The guild sent Scarlet and her mother on a murderous mission. They wanted a rich business man who had wronged the guild to be killed and his wife. They had gathered intelligence that the man and his wife were watching a play at a local theatre, so Scarlet and her mother ventured there and hid in the alley near the theatre. Scarlet began to set up alchemy circles in the middle of the alley to set off when the man and his wife walk through the alley. After completing the circles, Scarlet and her mother hid at the back of the alley, away from the circles at the entrance. These circles are set off by a single footstep and would instantly kill whoever stands on them.

While Scarlet and her mother waited for the victims, Scarlet’s mother told her of her plan to let Scarlet escape. Scarlet saw this plan as her way out and agreed to the plan. Just as Scarlet was about to disable the circles, a small child appeared at the entrance of the alley, skipping happily towards the entrance. Scarlet’s mother saw that the child was heading straight for the circles, so she darted towards the child crying for her to watch out and to turn back, but by the time that her mother reached the child, both of them had stepped on the circles and there was a huge explosion. The explosion caused shards of sharp objects to come flying towards Scarlet, cutting her badly.

A few seconds after the explosion happened, a hand grabbed hers from behind her and she was dragged away. Scarlet then blacked out from her injuries and the shocking events. She woke up in a familiar home and to her Aunties face and was rather wounded and scared. After Scarlet regained conciousness, her auntie explained the plan to collect Scarlet and her mother from the alley to hide from the guild and leave town to escape. Scarlet explained what had happened to her father and her mother, and an innocent Child. Her Auntie was shocked and realised that she has the responsibility to look after Scarlet now, for her sister and for Scarlet, who was left traumatised after the events.

For many months, Scarlet was healed and treated by her aunt. Scarlet began to learn First Aid from her Aunt and decided that she would become a nurse to help others, so she began to study.

Years passed and by the age of 25, Scarlet and her Aunite had moved to the east, escaped the thieves guild and Scarlet never mentioned her actual name again to avoid danger.

Soon after, at the age of 28, Scarlet’s auntie died, so Scarlet decided that she would go out into the world and try to get transport to the imperial city to visit her mothers grave and also to find a nursing job to fill the void in her created by the death of her mother and the innocent child and to start to give back to the people after she had taken quite a lot. She ventured towards Nürburgen in aid of transport.

Scarlet (Rosaline - Rose Farlen)

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