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Welcome to the Tales of the Elizabeth web-hub a place where you can read the adventure log, check new entries in the wiki and remind yourself of events that have happened in the past.

Chapter 1: Journey of Discovery

It started with a petty thief on the run from his past breaking out of jail, and the murder of one of the empires best detectives. An organsiation watches from the shadows as the crew of the Elizabeth are brought together and deal with the spirit of a mage possessing there captain and the murder of a crew mates adopted daughter.

Soon after hurtled through time the group discover that there will be a day when the mages of old return and cover the world in hell fire and they are the ones destined to stop it, and it all started with Phorus Industries and the army of homunculi Phorus built for himself.

Not about to stand by and watch as inhuman experiments are handed to the most powerful military force of the world as a weapon the crew raised an army from all the had helped in their journey and struck at Phorus’ heart destroying his headquaters and the controller every homunculi produced.

Now the Collectors are coming and they want blood for the damage to their plan you have done.

Chapter 2: Survival of the Fittest.

Phorus industries burned to the ground and a fall of ash covered the lower parts of the Imperial City, people grew sick something in the ash spread through the lower quaters of the city like wild fire affecting citizens young and old.

Not long after the corpses of the homunculi and the people lost at the battle where cleaned up it was obvious something seriously wrong had been released into there as the building built to the ground.

It came as a wave of madness, people losing their mind’s, going berserk and killing with no predjudices. The upper layers where less affected but as time passed and quarantine had to be placed on everything under the Estates Disk in an attempt to stop the disease, whatever it was, from reaching the Palace level.

It has been a month since you brought down Phorus industries your army have returned to their homes, friends and fammily have been buried and you have managed to stay out of the troubles in the lower part of the city by using the Elizabeth to transport your army home from the city.

Home Page

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