Important places and Cosmic Spaces


Listed here are a number of important places to the campaign including places that do not exist in the material world but instead exist have a cosmic existence.

Imperial City

The City at the empire center the Imperial City is built around a single axle built deep into the ground. Up and down this axle are disks which have been built upon to create a metropolis thats reaches to the sky.

The city is organised from rich to poor with the Imperial Palace residing at the top and things getting poorer and poorer the further you go down. There are four disks in total organised as follows:

  • Palace Disk – Holds the High Palace of the Emperor and his sons.
  • Aristocrats Disk – Contains a variety of home estates and large business quarters.
  • Trade Disk – Contains a large amount of shops and is also the location of the Cathedral of Xos.
  • Common Disk – Home to the poorer folk of the city and also where the immigration elevator drops off new arrivals who arrived by air ship.

In addition to these disks above the high palace is the Airship rigging that is where all of the airships coming to and from the city dock.

The crew of the Elizabeth came here after going to the western border post hoping to clear the names of one of the crew members and the pilot after being linked into the jail break of a ex comrade.

While here Casper gained control of the vast sum of wealth he had earned when alive and running the Ward Detective Agency and was also granted a personal estate by the emperor after saving his Son from a copycat murderer of a serial killer known as “The Top Hat Killer”

The Door between Dimensions

The Door between Dimensions exists outside of the material plane and allows travel between different points in time as-well as different versions of a single world. People who have stood before it describe the door as a large stone tablet that parts to reveal a infinitely dark space that you can step into.

The crew of the Elizabeth came here on there way back from both the past and future, this is also where they came to find Melly after she was killed as Future Phoenix retrieved her soul from the Dark Space and brought her there to wait for her adopted mother and father.

The Dark Space

The Dark Space is a cosmic plane of existence and hold a infinite amount of space. It is said while in the Black Space you can create anything if you think about it hard enough. The Black is also home to the spirits of the dead and it is said that if you enter the space alone you will fall pray to the angry dead who only wish to no longer be lost in the dark.

The crew arrived here after they tapped into a Crystal containing energy from the earths crust given to them by Future Phoenix, they where only here for a brief time before moving onto the door.

Important places and Cosmic Spaces

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