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Tales of the Elizabeth is a campaign set in a world much like our own only science was grasped at a much earlier time and was used to purge the planet of a sub race of Humans known as the Magicians, many of which ruled over humanity.

From science came alchemy which used the great amount of energy found in all living things including the planet itself to produce near magical effects by transforming and changing elements around them.

This led to the Empire of Man Kind which has ruled peacefully (however peaceful human life can be) for just over 300 years (Campaign starts year 1799).

The campaign revolves around the crew of an Airship called The Elizabeth a vessel that is patched together from the parts of a much larger and grander ship by the same name whose pilot died in a crash, leaving his wife and son alone in the world.

Ultimately this campaign is about the strange and not so strange people of this world coming together to forward there goals, while screwing up and saving the world as they know it.


Newspaper Headlines

Any newspaper headline the crew happens upon that have relevance to a current adventure or upcoming one will be posted here.

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