People of the Empire

Though there are no elves, dwarves or mystical fantasy races in our world, humans are not all that inhabit the earth in Tales of the Elizabeth. Though they are the majority there are a number of sub races and cruel experiments that walk the roads and fly the skies of the Empire and they are discussed here.


A construct is a rarity and very new science, the first of which came into existence the year before the campaigns start. Constructs are often metal suits with built in joints designed almost like a metal puppet that have had a human or sometimes animal soul attatched to them. The process is risky and often invovles the death of the souls orignal body.

Casper, a member of the Elizabeths crews is a construct, attatched to his new metal body by a mysterious group known as the Collectors.


A chimera is an abomination of science created by combining two animals using the powers of alchemy. This includes but is not limited to the transmuting of a human and a animal to create some sort of anthropermophised creature.

The Elizabeth’s crew at time of writing have encountered sevral Chimera’s; one a combination of aligator and dog the rest human/animal hybrids including Boar, Lion and Bear. This transformation tends to make the orignal Human body incredibly strong and Chimera with practise can shift between both a incredibly animalistic apperance and a more subtle normal human appearance.


A homunculi is a artifical human created from a source, this source tends to be a already dying human being though healthy sources tend to produce the best results. Though the exact nature of the process to becoming Homunculi is un-documented in publicly availble medical journals it is rumored that only the strong willed can survive the transformation. Regardless, the creation of such a creature is considered taboo and it said that the supernatural abbiltiies the creatures have are weapons given to them by god to punish there creators.

The elizabeths crew met a homunculi at the Western Border Post, her source was alice the younger sister in law to the crew member Alexander, whose wife had past away before the camapign. Alice has a great likness to her sister.

People of the Empire

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